7 Reasons to Ditch Oatmeal for Noatmeals

1. <2g of Net Carbs

High fiber content per serving means lower net carbs compated to regular oatmeals.

2. 20g of Plant Protein

This is great for muscle building and maintenance.

3. Convenience

A balanced portion of nutrition with no recipes or shopping required. Perfect to take on the go.

4. Sensational Taste

Only the highest quality ingredients such as real fruits, raw cacao, chia, hemp seeds and flax are included in our products.

5. Low Glycemic

Noatmeals have minimal blood sugar impact.

6. Energy Boost

You'll be able to sustain your workouts or think more clearly and improve focus.

7. Healthy Ingredients

There is no junk in our food. Every ingredient serves a purpose for your body's wellness. No gluten or grains, soy, corn, fillers, chemicals or artificial anything.

What other reason do you need? Try our superfood Noatmeals today.

"It's very rare I write a review about anything, but Noats are so delicious & yummy, I have to shout it out! Low carb & lots of fiber too. I notice that my gut seems to calm down whenever I have Noats for breakfast or lunch or a snack. I really like the variety pack."


"I'm on restricted carb diet so I miss my oatmeal and cereal. I tried the variety pack and love how it tastes along with the texture. My favorite flavor is the apple cinnamon. You do not have to add anything to it except milk."


"Being on keto there are things that I miss. Like oatmeal. Who knew I could find a replacement that I would prefer MORE than the real deal?! The apple has sizeable chunks of fruit and coconut, leaving a balanced (not boring!) texture, with full flavor in every bite."